2013 IWR Campaign in Morangis, near Paris

Molds of reliefs and sculptures

This page contains the results of the photogrammetries of our 2013 IWR Campaign in Morangis near Paris.
The four reliefs listed below are shown as icons.
The roman numbering corresponds to the photogrammetries of the originals in

Reliefs of Angkor Wat

The two sculptures are photogrammetries of molds of a lion and a face tower.

I. Relief - Apsara
329.3 MB

116 MB
569 MB
82 MB
1.135 GB
II. Relief 3c148
426.8 MB
III. Relief with boat scene
304.8 MB
IV. Relief 3c93
63.8 MB
558.8 MB

A. Lion
818.4 MB
B. Facetower
1070.3 MB

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Permission for Laurent Gillet, Frédéric Wilner for processing of the data related with the filming, reconstruction and exhibition in October 2013, Musée Guimet.