IWR Innovation Award in Scientific Computing for Cultural Heritage

In 2006 the IWR of the University of Heidelberg started to offer a grant to encourage students from Cambodia to plan and undertake a research project contributing to the cultural heritage of Angkor. Detailed information can be found here.
Applications should be sent to

    Angkor Project Group (APG)
    Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Hans Georg Bock
    IWR, Heidelberg University
    Im Neuenheimer Feld 205
    69120 Heidelberg, Germany

IWR Award Fellows 2008

Bou Vannaren, RUPP

Portrait of Bou Vannaren Name: Vannaren Bou
Major: BSc Computer Science and Engineering
Interests: Chess and Sports, searching the Internet, Reading
In his IWR award project Bou Vannaren is investigating the process of aquiring 3D images of objects by using laser line scanning. The central application intended is the use of such models inside the graphics program Maya.

With great regret we noticed that Bou Vannaren (1983 - 2012)
passed away at the age of 28 after a short but severe illness.

Kor Sokchea, RUPP

Portrait of Kor Sokchea Name: Sokchea Kor
Major: BSc Computer Science and Engineering
Interests: Programming Languages, Robotics, Intelligent Devices, Computer Graphics and Web Design, Sports, Reading, Practicing Programming and Going Sightseeing
The project for which Kor Sokchea recieved an IWR award is concerned with practical aspects of producing 3D scanning images. The quality of surfaces, problems of stray light and overexposure of digital images and the interaction between object geometry and the scanning process are to be analyzed. First results in interactive 3D programming in OpenGL are a way to visualize the results possible with low cost 3D scanning devices.

IWR Award Fellows 2007

Yam Sokly, RUFA

Portrait of Yam Sokly Name: Sokly Yam
Major: Architecture and Urbanism (4th year)
Interests: Reading and Researching, Jogging, Biking, Swimming, Music

Rithi Heng, RUFA

Portrait of Rithi Heng Name: Heng Rithi
Major: Architecture and Urbanism (4th year)
Interests: Reading, Listening to Music, Working with Computer, Swimming, Hiking, Travelling, Photography, Exploring, Surfing the Internet

IWR Award Fellow 2006

Ratana Suon RUFA

Portrait of Ratana Suon Name: Suon Ratana
Major: Architecture and Urbanism (BSc)
Interests: Music, Shopping, Project Management, Travelling, Internet
Ratana was the first student to receive an IWR award. Her work on the architecural syle of rural houses based on the bas reliefs of the Bayon temple is a fine example of the scientific research results which can be derived from the application of modern information technology techniques in the humanities.